Friday, December 18, 2015

Superhero minis, where to find them Part TWO:

A couple of posts back, I was pointing toward some of the sources for comic book miniatures.  I have a few more I'd like to talk about, and will probably continue this series in future posts. 

Pulp City
I believe the company is based out of Poland and has quite a large selections of both Villains and Heros.  From what I have read about it, the game system that these miniatures were designed for is well balanced, and quite fun.  However, I'm primarily a painter and modeller, so I'll leave the assessment of the game to others.

The miniatures are very well designed, and look fantastic.  At first, it seemed to me that they focused far too heavily on more of a Sci-fi feel, and less a comic book one, but in the last couple of years they have gotten more into that look, and all the better.

I've yet to get my hands on any of the miniatures, so I don't know how they are in the flesh.   And that seems to be the biggest con for them.  At least here in the states, it's hard to find these.

 Ordering directly from the Pulp City site is an option, and I'll have to take advantage of that soon, but the minis are a bit on the expensive side, and shipping from overseas adds even more.

The other point I'd like to make is that these minis are specifically designed to fit into the story line of Pulp City.  So, it makes converting them into more of my favorite heros/villians more challenging.  That's not necessarily a con for everyone, but it is for me.

Pros:  Well designed, look great
Cons:  Hard to find from US distributors, too specific to be anything other than Pulp City characters.


Superfigs have been around for a while.   While they were designed to work with the Supersystem set of gaming rules.  The sculpts are rather generic, and what you would expect for comic book fare.  I find this to be a big positive, as I've used several of them for conversions (like my Wolverine from last post).

They do have all the charm that many old school minis have, but that also means there are some seriously dodgy sculpts in the line.

However, there are also some real gems in the line too, so it's worth it to check them out.  There are a few painters around the web that have done some awesome things with the minis, and have probably done more to sell these than most of the website's versions.

PROS:  Cheap, generic. A few gems.
CONS: Not great sculpts.

Crossover Miniatures

The last company I'll mention for now is Crossover Miniatures.

They have a small but growing line of generic super heros and villians.  

I've yet to actually get any of these minis, and need to rectify that soon.  To be honest, most of them do nothing for me, the sculpt quality just isn't great, and I find some of them just too 'squat' to look right.

But, like the Superfigs line, there are a few gems hidden in there, and look worthy of at least a try.

I'll keep an eye on this line as well, as it continues to grow, and hopefully the quality will improve.

Pros:  Old school, look fun to paint, Inexpensive.
Cons;  Not my favorite designs.

Anyhow, that'll do for now!  Please feel free to add comments about any miniature line you enjoy and point me to some I may miss.

I'll continue this theme in future posts!  Until next time!

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