Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fantastic Four, and Man-thing

Hello Comic Book fans!  It's been a while, so i thought I better pop in a few things that I've worked on.  

I've been reading all the original Fantastic Four comics (currently on issue 246) and it's inspired me to finally get the team finished.  Well sorta.  You can see, I've cheated with Sue Richards, The Invisible Girl.

Anyhow, I do have an awesome Knight Models Thing to paint up, but wanted to make more of a comic booky look for this team.  I've retouched the Thing I've had for some time, and added a Reaper mini for Mr. Fantastic, and a Heroclix for The Human Torch.

The Man-thing is such a unique character (Nothing at ALL like DC's Swamp Thing), and I've always loved that droopy face of his.  So, I used a metal Wyrd Mire Golem as the basis and converted my own.  He was really fun to do.  I've place him on a Wyrd mini topper, which seemed more than fitting.

I've spent most of the spring and summer slowly collecting the Marvel Knight Models that I didn't's been time consuming (and slightly expensive).  Hopefully, I'll take the effort to show off what I've got soon.  Thanks for reading!!

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