Sunday, December 4, 2016

Batman, Red Skull, and a superVike

Hello True Believers,

I've been plodding along with my super hero miniatures, and have finished a couple to show off.

First, is the Knight Models cool 'Frank Miller' Batman.

I've always liked this version of Batman.  The Dark Knight Returns came out around 1986, and is probably one of the best Batman stories out there.  It represents an older Batman, coming out of retirement.  He's darker and much more brutal than previous versions of Bat's, and that dark tone still permeates in the character today.

The Ben Affleck Batman was heavily influenced by this version.  Anyhow, I just loved the model, and it was really fun to paint up.

I did do a few touchups to my existing Knight Models Batman as well, as I was in a Batmood.

And now, to move back to my slowly realized Invaders Project, here is the Commander of the Flaming Skull guy I posted last time.  The Red Skull.

Certainly one of Captain America's best villains.  This is another WhatThe? mini.

Now, lastly, not exactly a super Hero, he's definitely a Super Vike, so I wanted to post him here.

This is a Impact Miniatures fantasy football player that I converted into a Minnesota Viking.
I had lots of fun doing this one, hope you like it!

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  1. I do like the Frank Miller bats and enjoyed the movies as well with him. I hope to do a Miller themed bat crew eventually.